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Tricomax Lotion & Shampoo

"After menopause I noticed a gradual increase in hair loss and thinning of my hair. As my hair started thinning I began feeling old and unattractive. I started using hats to cover my hair and was very self-conscious of my thinning scalp. My doctor recommended estrogen replacement and Spironolactone, which did not help. I visited a number of dermatologists, who recommended Rogaine, which I used for over a year, but my hair continued to fall. Then I started using the Tricomax hair loss products and within three months my hair loss stopped and after six months my hair was thickened and healthy again. I love your product and recommend it to my friends and all women who experience hair loss."
Anna M

"About a year ago I noticed significant hair loss, mainly on the top. I'm sure I inherited this trend from my mother. No matter what I did, the top of my hair looked very thin and made me extremely unhappy. So I went on the internet to look for what I could do and found Tricomax.

It seemed to be a bit expensive, but what kept me continuing the treatment was the fact that the shampoo and especially the deep cleansing mask made my hair immediately feel fuller and stronger. If it hadn't, I would probably have stopped the treatment after the first three month supply. I can't tell you how encouraging it was to feel some progress immediately.

After about four or five months, I did notice some new hair growth. My hairdresser gave me more hope to continue with the treatments as she was noticing the changes. After six or seven months, my hair was fuller and healthier than I could remember it being for years. Even my hairdresser has commented at how healthy my hair is, and I color it, touching up the roots every three weeks! She has been so impressed with your product that she keeps information about Tricomax in her hair salon for other clients.

Tricomax has made such a significant improvement in how I feel about myself. I see people I work with or as I shop and wish I could stop them and tell them about your product.

Thanks for letting me tell you how much I appreciate Tricomax."
Sonia K

"I am a 42 year old female. I first experienced hair loss in my early 30's. By the age of 34, I had a noticeable thinning area, approximately three inches in diameter on my crown area. I also suffered a noticeable thinning and receding around the temple region.

The only available treatment at that time was Rogaine. I tried the product religiously for three years without any re-growth or even a noticeable slowing down in the hair loss. I also tried all the organic products that I could get my hands on, including Rosemary oil, Lemon oil and Nettle oil. Desperately. I started using Tricomax lotion about seven months ago. The results have been beyond my wildest expectation. I now almost have a full head of hair. Furthermore, the hair loss has ceased. In addition I have experienced no side effects whatsoever.

I strongly recommend this outstanding product to all.”
Nerissa R