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"I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your service and product that has given me so much confidence back."
Khawwam H.

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Tricomax laser comb by Hairmax

Hair Loss Products in Dubai Today more and more medical doctors use Low-Level Laser to treat thinning hair. It's safe, gentle, nourishing and works on both men and women. The Tricomax Laser Comb by HairMax is an exciting advancement in the treatment of thinning hair that uses the stimulating effects of Low-Level Laser to make your hair thicker, fuller and healthier.

And you can use the Laser Comb in the comfort of your own home!

HairMax Laser Comb is a breakthroughThe "Cold Beam" laser used by the Tricomax Laser Comb by HairMax works through the natural benefits of light stimulation. The Tricomax Laser Comb by HairMax complies with the FDA requirements for laser safety. In February 2007, the HairMax LaserComb became the first medical laser device to receive FDA clearance for the promotion of hair growth.

The Tricomax Laser Comb by HairMax is a low-level laser device, which is designed for individual use at home. The Tricomax Laser Comb by HairMax is a high quality FDA approved laser device using precision components??The Tricomax Laser Comb by HairMax is a breakthrough because it is an affordable, one-time purchase that you can use at home, whenever and wherever you want to! Tricomax Laser Comb by HairMax works for both men and women. With over 15 years of clinical experience, the results we have seen with Laser used in Tricomax Laser Comb by HairMax are both exciting and impressive. Clinical studies show that both men and women of all ages respond with positive benefits with Low Level Laser therapy.

Tricomax Laser Pro 12 by Hair Max which now incorporates an updated, modern, and innovative design with 12 laser diodes and a rechargeable lithium ion battery. It has a user-friendly, sleeker look, and most importantly incorporates a cordless option that allows you to use the device anywhere. You can now simply store your HairMax in the charging station provided when not in use and the device will be ready to exert its positive effects anytime, anywhere. Tricomax Laser uses "cold-beam laser technology" for individuals suffering from hair loss. Clinically proven to promote hair growth, help improve the appearance of hair and reduce the appearance of thin hair. With Tricomax Laser, experience real hair growth with minimal effort. Rest easy knowing you have invested in a first-rate product, manufactured with the highest quality components and designed to last a lifetime.


12 Lasers
Same FDA and Health Canada Approved Technology
Tested and Proven Results
Vibrate Mode
Corded or Cordless usage
Fast treatment time
More water contaminants are released into the air of a home from the shower than from any other source.
Chlorine is a suspected cause of breast cancer. Women suffering from breast cancer are all found to have 50-60 percent more chlorine in their breast tissue than healthy women.

Tricomax Lazer set includes:
Tricomax Laser
Universal 110-240V adaptor
Charging cradle
Premium travel case
User manual
Warranty card (2 year warranty)