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Tricomax Deep Cleansing Mask

"I started using this product after I saw what it did for my brother's hair. It helped his corners and gave his hair a nice wave pattern. When I asked him what he was using he said that Tricomax mask made his hair look that good. So I started using it to help my scalp flakiness and it did. In fact it got rid of flakes better than anything else plus my hair is darker and richer looking. I gave my nephew a little sample from my container because he had some of the same issues. He said there was a big improvement after using it one time. He mentioned that he played in a basketball game and got all sweaty. He said his flakes were usually the worst after getting all sweaty like that and he said he didn't have any flaking after he used Tricomax mask a couple days before. He ordered some and he is going to start using it once a week."
Hasna B

"Let me start by saying I really like that Tricomax mask has all natural ingredients. I think this is something that they should stress more about their product. Tricomax mask is the only product that has helped my hair and I have tried a bunch of them. I was introduced to Tricomax mask in January (2010) and I have been using it since then. It has been eight months and I have definitely seen an improvement in the fullness of my hair in the front and the crown. I think more of the improvement has actually come in the front. I am very happy that I was introduced to this product. I hope other people give it a try because it really does seem to be a great product."
Anjali R

“I have a few stylists working in my salon and they all love Tricomax mask and what in has done for their clients. Tricomax is now the first recommendation when my stylists encounter any kind of scalp issues their clients might have. As for the hair, the customers that use it have definitely seen an improvement. I see a difference when they come in, their hair just looks better and healthier. I should also mention that Tricomax is a top seller in my salon and I have a hard time keeping it in stock.”
Jamil - Salon Owner