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"I am a rather skeptical person. When I was introduced to Revivogen, I must admit that I was hesitant to use the product. I had tried many other products and incurred thousands of Dirhams in costs with no results. However, after using Revivogen, I noticed dramatic results in a few months. I received numerous compliments about the thickness of my hair. My greatest insecurity was my hair loss problem. Now that I have found this product, worries about hair-loss no longer trouble me."
Amel M

I am at the one year mark with Revivogen, the best product I have ever used. I use nothing else but Revivogen. After five and a half months I really noticed a difference in the thickness on my crown and temples, absolutely no side effects this past year or at any point using this product.

I can honestly say that I noticed regrowth on my temples after seven and a half months. At that point I just wanted to maintain the results but the hairs have actually gotten longer and are noticeable.

At the one year mark I can say that I have definitely improved since day one. I used to use a concealer on my scalp to help thicken my hair and now I don't even need it anymore, thanks to Revivogen.
Rona A

"Revivogen is a great product. Before using it, I was experiencing hair loss associated with some burning and itching of my scalp. I tried other topical products, but none worked. I began using Revivogen over a year ago and in little over a month, my girlfriend and co-workers noticed that my hair was becoming thicker. I also noticed a dramatic decrease in burning and itching and hair loss. In short, this product worked for me. I would highly recommend Revivogen for anyone with hair loss.
Thank you for your wonderful product"
Leena N

"I had to write to tell you how pleased I am with the results I obtained from using your product. Before starting Revivogen I was a little skeptical, but after using the formula for only three weeks I noticed decreased hair loss while combing my hair or while showering. I was amazed since no other product worked for me. My hair stylist was also amazed at how thick my hair had become. Over a four month period, my hair had returned to the same fullness, as it was when I was a teenager (10 years ago!)"
Jyotika B