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Hair Loss: Blame It On The Weather And Water?


hair loss dubai and weatherThe Environmental Triggers For Hair Loss In Dubai

There is plenty of information out there on the genetics behind hair loss -- how dihydrotestosterone (DHT), a derivative of testosterone, attacks hair follicles in both men and women. There are also medical conditions – such as anemia and thyroid issues -- and vitamin deficiencies that may lead to hair loss. But what goes on inside the body isn’t the extent of the hair loss story.

Hair thinning in women and men may also stem from environmental sources outside the body: specifically, the weather conditions and water quality.

Weather: DRY

You’ve likely grown accustomed to the arid climate here in Dubai. Maybe you thrive in the high temperatures, not minding the desert-like conditions.

But this dry heat may be what’s attacking the health of your hair.  


Another trigger for hair loss is the desalinated water, which is used in most large Middle Eastern cities. Dry skin, rashes and allergies often accompany this hair loss. 

Desalinated water, also known as hard water, is perfectly fine for general use and drinking, but it can pose major problems for skin and hair when the water’s particles per million (PPM) escalate beyond a certain level -- this happens when the water is distributed through pipelines. PPM is related to total dissolved solids (TDS), which includes minerals like calcium, magnesium, nitrate, potassium and sodium that are found in water. It’s the escalation of TDS that causes the hair loss, skin irritations and allergy issues. 


Nielson recently conducted a study on behalf of Inversion Femme, the anti-aging supplement. The study had some interesting, yet disheartening findings -- 67% of women living in the UAE experience hair loss, making hair loss one of the most common aesthetic problems in the area.

This aesthetic problem is particularly rampant among Arab women, with nine out of 10 (92%) experiencing hair loss. Asian women are the second most affected group, with 80% experiencing hair loss, and Emirati women follow with 60%. 

The study cited environmental factors, chiefly desalinated water and weather conditions, as possible causes. 

So while there are internal, genetic triggers causing hair loss, the environmental factors cannot be ignored. Despite the fact that we have little control over Mother Nature, we do have control over the health of our hair.

With the right hair restoration treatment, reversing hair loss is possible. Visit us online at the HairSpa website to learn about the non-surgical hair loss treatment options available. We offer natural hair restoration solutions, which use low-level laser therapy to complement FDA-approved, scientifically supported topical hair loss formulas, that are customizable to your specific situation, gender and hair type. 

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