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Who Is HairSpa?

Specialists In Hair Science & Compassion

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HairSpa is the leading hair restoration center in Dubai, UAE and the Middle East. Using innovative practices and products that yield real results, HairSpa specializes in effective, non-surgical hair loss treatments.

HairSpa uses a scientific approach to combat hair loss with a private and personable atmosphere that offers our clients a soothing experience. For over 12 years, our highly qualified trichologists and technicians have provided both men and women with hair restoration products and hair loss treatments, scientifically proven for reversing hair loss and restoring personal vitality.

At HairSpa, we understand the social stigma of hair loss, especially thinning hair in women, and our dedicated staff provides an exclusive touch to restoring lush hair. Providing clinical expertise, offering hair loss treatments that produce results and ensuring confidentiality are integral parts of our practice.