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Your Visual Guide To Hair Restoration

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"I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your service and product that has given me so much confidence back."
Khawwam H.

What Is HairCheck?

HairCheck is a new scientific instrument that is both an early detection system and a way to accurately measure hair loss, fast hair growth and breakage on any area of the scalp. By being able to quantifiably measure your hair, our HairSpa describe the imageprofessional can make the appropriate suggestions for take-home products and hair loss treatments, and measure your response to these products and treatments. By being able to ascertain seemingly minute changes in hair, our team is able to best customize your treatment for optimal results and restore luxuriously full hair.

Why Do I Need HairCheck?

  • Hair loss affects an estimated 75% of men.
  • Two-thirds of women encounter some form of hair loss in their lifetime.
  • $180 billion is spent yearly, worldwide, on hair loss treatments.

HairCheck provides helpful information regarding your hair restoration program. Since everyone is different, our trained professionals are able to gauge what is working according to the behavior of your hair. Instead of waiting long periods of time for perceivable hair growth, HairCheck quickly determines your hair’s reaction to specific methods.

Also, being aware of hair loss early means steps can be taken to reverse the process before it is detectable to the naked eye. About 50% of your hair is lost or broken before it is visible! HairCheck is able to perceive and measure these changes before this point. Early detection, especially of thinning hair in women, can prevent hair loss with the right treatments and products to restore it to health.

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